“With help from a group of students from Goucher’s Peace Studies Program, I came up with a list of businesses that have the goal of giving back. If you notice that obvious choices like Toms, Bobs by Skechers and Product Red are missing from the list, it is because, through research, we have found that sometimes good intentions go awry…”

Goucher Prof Nsenga K. Burton in The Root’sHoliday Gifts That Give Back

If you’re looking for some alternative gift-giving, look no further. 

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Eliza, Lily, and I spent this semester working side by side creating portraits with almost 20 men. These men were living at a transitional house where they are well on their way towards stable living, a job, and getting an education. This is only a few pictures of the reception held at Goucher, the portraits were hung outside of the Pinkard room past graduation. 

We dressed nicely to the reception and welcomed in the men to our home. 

Maryland was founded by pirates and prostitutes. Go to the Eastern Shore and trust me, you’ll see it. They’re a tad inbred

- simply had to repost this, words from a professor at the gooch

— Goucher College, Anthropology  (via shitmyprofessorssay)

Rebecca hosted an event “That Takes Ovaries” for Goucher’s Feminist Collective. Her style is rad, dope, chill, any other cool word you could think of. 


thistownseemshardlyworthourtime asked:

Love your blog!! I'm almost definitely going to goucher next year and it's great to see that people there share my love for fashion :)


Oh my gosh thank you! I wouldn’t mind chatting with you about goucher. I just finished my freshman year and am from Los Angeles. I’ve always loved clothes and shopping at thrift stores so I started the blog after spring break this year

This little sugar-glider is certainly a fashion statement! My friend Eliza can’t really meet anyone new who hasn’t heard about this little pet. Herby has made great gossip at the small liberal arts school, “oh that girl who used to live in jeffery with a flying squirrel.” 

Herby’s fashion statement is in pockets and a little black fleece bag. 

What to wear when riding a camel… Birthright, a two week trip to Israel was an experience of a lifetime. Goucher students and Towson University students went together and experienced Israeli culture. 

It was funny to witness the difference of what the young adults wore. Goucher students rocked doc martens, jean jackets, high waisted jeans, blazers, scarves, curly hair, DSLR’s, and a trendy vibe. Towson students wore a lot greek letters, uggs, and jackets with their mascot. Oh the funny jokes they probably made about my questioning their frat parties. 

A friend suggested that I go around the ath (the library) and take pictures of what students are wearing as they study for finals week. Unfortunately I’m a burrito of sweatpants in a corner snuggled in a chair with my peace studies book. 

These pictures were blatantly stolen from pinterest and not mine. 

Rosemary during a rainy day at the gooch. 

Hair wraps from GIG. 

Tutu fun in Baltimore